store arrival-2014.10.16

store arrival-2014.10.16.
◆web shop new arrival
francis bebey / sanza nocrurne LP
danny kortchmar / kootch LP
laraaji / days of radiance LP
peter gabriel / passion 2LP
vangelis / la fete sauvage LP
stewart copeland / the rhythmatist LP
brian eno & david byrne
/ my life in the bush of ghosts LP
zazou bikaye / mr. manager 12″
akendengue / epuguzu 12″
funkapolitan / run run run 12″

◆and store arrival

led zeppelin / s.t. LP
here and now / give and take LP
brian eno / music for films LP
daniel ponce / arawe LP
string band featuring isao suzuki
(鈴木勲) / s.t. LP
武満徹 / 水の風景 LP
epo / goodies LP
尾崎亜美 / stop motion LP
大橋純子 / rainbow LP
jackson sisters
/ I believe in miracles 12″
nikki d / hang on kid 12″
x clan / xodus 12″
high performance
/ here’s a party jam 12″
jungle brothers
/ beyond this world, promo no.2 12″
beastie boys
/ love american style ep 12″
j. j. fad / super sonic (remix) 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約30枚、
計約40枚のused vinyl追加です。

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