store arrival-2014.3.6

store arrival-2014.3.6
◆web shop new arrival

orquesta de las nubes
/ me paro cuando suena LP
harte 10 / welcome to germany LP
bernard lavilliers
/ nuit d’amour LP+12″
hermeto pascoal e grupo
/ brasil universo LP
milton nascimento
/ jorurney to dawn LP
moraes moreira / coisa acesa LP
irakere / chekere son LP
dept. of sunshine
/ rude boys , space tropics 12″
n.y.c. peech boys
/ come on, come on(don’t say maybe) 12″
block 16 / find an oasis 12″

◆and store arrival

eduardo lagos, una ramos
/ coleccion numerada2 LP
change / this is your time LP
peter michael hamel / nada LP
joao gilberto / amoroso LP
ramsey lewis / love notes LP
山下達郎 / go ahead LP
al jarreau / this time LP
the crusaders
/ those southern knights LP
slum village
/ fan-tas-tic vol. 1 2LP
nitro deluxe / on a mission 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約40枚、
計約50枚のused vinyl追加です。

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