store arrival-2014.7.25

store arrival-2014.7.25
◆web shop new arrival

saka mazouki and his kwela-band
/ african fascination LP
diethelm & famulari / s.t. LP
universal energy / s.t. LP
per cussion / don’t stop LP
hot r.s. / forbidden fruit LP
the chris hinze combination
/ bamboo magic LP
saka aquaye
and his african ensemblefrom ghana
/ voices of africa –
high-life and other popular music LP
grace jones
/ nipple to the bottle, ja guys 12″
a man called adam / easter song 12″
cabaret voltaire / crackdown 12″

◆and store arrival

velvet underground / loaded LP
escola de samba sa cidade
/ batucada LP
little feat / sailin’ shoes LP
dolbie d / loud n’ clear 12″
jazz not jazz massive
/ t.s.o.j.(the cooldown mixes) 12″
chayell / rio 12″
terra wan / hello africa 12″
julian cope
/ dancing heads featuring head 12″
stratosphere / ep 12″
/ mic manipulator,
humble magnificent 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約40枚、
計約50枚のused vinyl追加です。


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