store arrival-2015.1.29

◆web shop new arrival

taiguara / imyra tayra ipy LP
hermeto pascoal & grupo / s.t. LP
papete / plandor LP
milton nascimento / s.t. LP
ivan conti / the human factor LP
diga rhythm band / diga LP
richard wahnfried / tonwelle LP
tullio de piscopo / acqua e viento LP
fiona franklyn / busted up on love 12″
el chicano / do you want me 12″

◆and store arrival

akiyo / mouvman LP
randy pie / fast/forward LP
kae / five part of the soul LP
royal dust / asme LP
metro / s.t. LP
biz markie / biz’s baddest beats 2LP
戸川純ユニット / 極東慰安唱歌 LP
heavy d & the boyz
/ we got our own thang 12″
schoolly d / p.s.k.-what does it mean? 12″
bob bhamra / vintage keys 12″
damon bell / hue-man made 12″
marshal jefferson / move your body 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約40枚、
計約50枚のused vinyl追加です。

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