store arrival-2015.8.6

store arrival-2015.8.6

◆web shop new arrival

waldron, jackson, weber, braceful
/ the call LP
max roach / m’boom LP
duke ellington
/ the afro-eurasian eclipse LP
junior homrich and brian gascoigne
(original soundtrack)
/ the emerald forest LP
jim pepper / comin’ and goin’ LP
brian briggs / brian damage LP
v.a. / home grown Ⅱ LP
ashwin batish / sitar power LP
wally badarou
/ chief inspector, novela das nove 12″
thomas leer / 4 movements 12″
◆and store arrrival

/ sly & robbie presents
two rhythm clash LP
the clonious / between the dots 2LP
brian eno & david byrne, talking heads
/ the jezebel spirit, I zimbra 12″
holger czukay
/ persian love, hollywood symphony 12″
the clark sisters
/ you brought the sunshine
(into my life) 12″
augustus thomas / blue woman 12″
phil ramacon / take a trip 12″
art department feat. soul clap
& osunlade
/ we call love 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約30枚、
計約40枚のused vinyl追加です。


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