store arrival-2016.12.16

store arrival-2016.12.16
◆web shop new arrival

v.a. / trindade 2LP
egberto gismonti agua & vinho LP
oriental wind &
the karnataka college of percussion
/ sankirna LP
francis bebey / african woman LP
mother gong / robot woman 2 LP
supermax / electricity LP
daniel sahuleka / sunbeam LP
cerrone / brigade mondaine LP
joby bernabe / s.t. LP
mikael rickfors
/ kickin’ a dream LP

◆and store arrrival

tom waits / blue valentine LP
tom waits / small change LP
t.rex / electric warrior LP
carly simon / no secrets LP
anthony phillips / 1984 LP
f-r david / words LP
george clinton
/ some of my best jokes are friends LP
culture / vital selection LP
lavvi ebbel
/ ?telepatia? !telepatia! 12″
lil louis painting / stomy black 12″
ilya santana
/ walking on a crystal sea 12″
the rake / street justice 12″
explorers of the nile
/ we are all egyptians 12″
modern rocketry
/ (I’m not your)steppin’ stone 12″
charles webster / I understand you 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
店頭追加 約40枚、
計約50枚のused vinyl追加しました。

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