store arrival-2016.3.31

store arrival-2016.3.31
◆web shop new arrival

dunkelziffer / songs for everyone LP
jurriaan andriessen
/ hardware software LP
dino del monte nahor
/ zimbal, los cuatro elementos LP
jorge reyes / ek-tunkul LP
pat metheny group / travels 2LP
herbert with dani siciliano
/ around the house 3LP
holger czukay / my persian love 12″
sombrero galaxy
/ journey to the centre of the sun 12″
junior byron / dance to the music 12″
herb alpert / beyond 12″

◆and store arrrival

george duke / follow the rainbow LP
steve winwood / arc of a diver LP
miles davis / bitches brew 2LP
k-hand / soul 2LP
usg / introduce my love 12″
vetiver / more of this 12″
panash / unicorn 10″
kenneth bager / fragment one 10″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約30枚、
計約40枚のused vinyl追加です。

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