store arrival-2017.3.30

◆web shop new arrival

soki ohale / on the move LP
maca joe / night flight LP
negril / s.t. LP
fawzi al aiedy / scheherazade LP
mahmoud ahmed / ere mela mela LP
jan garbarek, nana vasconcelos,
john abercrombie
/ eventyr LP
barry reynolds / I scare myself LP
hot r.s. / forbidden fruit LP
jerry harrison / rev it up 12″
extra t’s / e.t. boogie 12″

◆and store arrrival

general smiley & papa michigan
/ rub-a-dub style LP
jimi hendrix experience
/ smash hits LP
quiet village / silent movie LP
everything but the girl
/ love not money LP
finley quaye / sunday shining 12″
future beat alliance / ep 12″
broker/dealer / dig deep 12″
rob mello / bump all night ep 12″
jurgen paape
/ so weit wie noch nie 12″
malcolm mclaren
and the world famous supreme team
/ buffalo gals 12″

web shop new arrival 10枚、
web shop 以外の店頭追加 約40枚、
計約50枚のused vinyl追加しました。

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