store arrival-2017.6.8

◆store arrrival

arthur verocai / s.t. LP
piri / voces querem mate LP
the velvet underground / Ⅲ LP
led zeppelin / Ⅲ LP
flora purim / butterfly dream LP
ronnie foster / love satellite LP
kid creole and the coconuts
/ wise guy LP
lou reed / coney island baby LP
the laughing light of plenty
/ s.t. 2LP
v.a. / studio one sound 2LP
stevie wonder
/ the secret life of plants 2LP
dif juz / vibrating air 12″
the unknown cases / masimbabele 12″
kalima / the smiling hour 12″
v.r.s. featuring evelin
/ aqua marine 12″

計約30枚 used vinyl 追加です。

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