store arrival-2021.9.25

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beto guedes / alma de borracha LP
lesley duncan / moon bathing LP
the go-betweens / tallulah LP
ry cooder / chicken skin music LP
joni mitchell / ladies of the canyon LP
the beach boys / wild honey LP
talking heads
/ the name of this band is talking heads 2LP
thomas diethelm / shaved LP
chick corea / again and again LP
chick corea, steve kujala / voyage LP
jan akkerman / pleasure point LP
elements / illumination LP
mowgan / soya LP
steve reich / the desert music LP
astor piazzolla
/ el arte de astor piazzolla LP
sylvio gualda – constant, stockhausen
/ percussion 14 stations, zyklus LP

店頭追加 info.です。
used vinyl LP 計約40枚の追加です。
16:00-20:00(終日酒類提供停止中) です。

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