store arrival-2022.7.15

◆store arrrival

slapp happy / s.t. LP
marcos ariel / bambu LP
egberto gismonti / fantasia LP
azymuth / outubro LP
gal costa
/ lua de mel como o diabo gosta LP
joni mitchell / ladies of the canyon LP
joni mitchell
/ the hissing of summer lawns LP
led zeppelin / Ⅲ LP
mary afi usuah / african woman LP
howard johnson / keepin’ love new LP
dan siegel / another time, another place LP
gong kebyar dharma santi
/ the world of gong kebyar dharma santi LP
the joneses / summer groove 12″
stump valley / 森林 12″

店頭追加 info.です。
used vinyl LP/12inch 計約40枚の追加です。

7/15(金)18:00 open
7/16(土)18:00 open
7/17(日)16:00 open

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