store arrival-2023.10.20

◆store arrrival
gastr del sol / camoufleur LP
pole / 3 2LP
lyle mays / street dreams LP
pat metheny group
/ american garage LP
shadowfax / shadowdance LP
brasil by music –
marcos valle azymuth
/ fly cruzeiro LP
hunee / hunch music 2LP
/ something like a war 2LP
dan siegel
/ another time,
another place LP
fatima / mindtravelin ep 12″
anna domino / cake 12″
shadowax / nikolai reptile 12″
metrica / one night 12″
bruno pernadas
/ those who throw objects
at the crocodiles will be
asked to retrieve them LP
joao donato / a bad donato LP
minas / num dia azul LP
slapp happy / sort of LP
店頭追加 info.です。
used&new LP&12inch計約30枚の追加です。

10/20(金)18:00 open
10/21(土)18:00 open
10/22(日)16:00 open

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