store arrival-2023.12.15

◆store arrrival
nelson angelo
/ violao e outras coisas LP
milton nascimento / minas LP
milton nascimento / milton LP
tamba trio
/ autografo de sucessos LP
elis regina / essa mulher LP
willie colon & ruben blades
/ siembra LP
ben sidran / don’t let go LP
stan clarke
/ children of forever LP
grateful dead / aoxomoxoa LP
the millennium
/ original sound session LP
the doors / L.A. woman LP
dusty springfield
/ it begins again LP
gino vannelli
/ a pauper in paradise LP
peter case / s.t. LP
jally kebba susso
/ freedom 12″
viva brasil / skindo-le-le 12″
you know who!
/ 3 whack tracks 12″
sascha dive / stressed out 12″
店頭追加 info.です。
used LP&12inch計約30枚の追加です。

12/15(金)18:00 open
12/16(土)18:00 open
12/17(日)18:00 open

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