store arrival-2023.5.26

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stephan micus
/ behind eleven deserts LP
leila pinheiro / olho nu LP
azymuth / partido novo LP
azymuth / crazy rhythm LP
/ promises of the sun LP
pat metheny group
/ still life (talking) LP
/ unmoored by the wind LP
trash can sinatras / cake LP
the lilac time / astronauts LP
jan akkerman / s.t. LP
sarah vaughan
/ brazilian romance LP
diethelm & famulari
/ valleys in my head LP
george duke
/ master of the game LP
keith jarrett / bop-be LP
rosie vela / zazu LP
pucho & the latin soul brothers
/ tough LP
/ from stambul to damascus LP
rossy / madagaskar LP
marie-josee simard
stockhausen-bartok LP
jean schultheis
/ pour etre un coco boy 12″
the breakfast band
/ tokyo shuffle 12″
bob holroyd / african drug 12″
cricco castelli
/ life is changing 12″
ido plumes
/ away from the reign ep 12″
店頭追加 info.です。
used LP&12inch計約40枚の追加です。

5/26(金)18:00 open
5/27(土)18:00 open
5/28(日)18:00 open

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