store arrival-2024.5.17

◆store arrrival
matthias frey
/ secret ingredients LP
ralph towner / blue sun LP
attilio / art takes a holiday LP
milton nascimento
/ paixao e fe LP
gal costa / gal canta caymmi LP
ricardo silveira / s.t. LP
the hoops mccann band
plays the music of steely dan LP
woo / when the past arrives LP
pierre moerlen’s gong
/ time is the key LP
bill evans from left to right LP
chick corea / again and again LP
herbie hancock / sunlight LP
nagual / i feel the rhythm 12″
reggie dokes
/ spectacle of deepness ep 12″
vernon / chicken dance 12″
beat demons / ghetto jazz ep 12″
eddie palmieri
/ vamonos pa’l monte LP
jorge ben / s.t. LP

店頭追加 info.です。
used&new LP&12inch計約30枚の追加です。

5/17(金)18:00 open
5/18(土)18:00 open
5/19(日)18:00 open

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