store arrival-2024.5.31

◆store arrrival
tim maia / s.t. LP
joyce, nana vasconcelos,
mauricio maestro
/ visions of dawn LP
al kooper / naked songs LP
nusrat fateh ali khan
/ qawwal and party volume one LP
frey, tiepold, thierfelder, lang
/ colibry LP
suso saiz / odisea 2LP
andy narell / stickman LP
jan akkerman / s.t. LP
neil young
/ after the gold rush LP
fleetwood mac
/ tango in the night LP
the kenny clarke-francy boland
big band
/ sax no end LP
beranek dra te haelvete 12″
the underneath
the imp of the perverse 12″
planty herbs
/ music is the word 12″
suso saiz / odisea 2LP
jim o’rourke / eureka LP
jim o’rourke / the visitor LP

店頭追加 info.です。
used&new LP&12inch計約30枚の追加です。

5/31(金)21:30 open
6/1(土)18:00 open
6/2(日)18:00 open

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