store arrival-2020.12.18

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steve reich
/ octet, music for a large ensemble,
violin phase LP
kevin ayers
/ whatevershebringswesing LP
gong / angel’s egg LP
roger eno & brian eno
/ mixing colours 2LP
the dukes of stratosphear
/ psonic psunspot LP
steve hillage / green LP
dede saint prix / lerdou LP
tony williams lifetime
/ the old bum’s rush LP
john greaves, peter blegvad, lisa herman
/ kew. rhone LP
pat metheny
w/charlie haden & billy higgins
/ rejoicing LP
mike oldfield / crises LP
patrick moraz & bill bruford / flags LP
jah shaka meets aswad
/ in addis ababa studio LP
sting / nothing like the sun 2LP
lee perry
/ produced and directed
by the upsetter 2LP
/ strong me strong, disco reggae 12″
ackie / call me rambo 12″
hot chocolate / mindless boogie 12″
will powers / adventures in success 12″
mike oldfield / to france 12″
the belle stars / the clapping song 12″
depeche mode / policy of truth 12″

店頭追加 info.です。
used vinyl LP & 12inch 計約50枚の追加です。

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