store arrival-2023.4.28

◆store arrrival
joan bibiloni
/ for a future smile LP
kip hanrahan
/ desire develops an edge 2LP
clara sandroni / daqui LP
baden powell + janine
/ images on guitar LP
gilberto gil / realce LP
djavan / luz LP
brian eno & david byrne
/ my life in the bush
of ghosts LP
brian eno / music for films LP
passport / sky blue LP
101 north / s.t. LP
the richard smith unit
/ puma creek LP
luciano berio / portrait of LP
keith jarrett
/ the koln concert 2LP
exquisite taste
/ it’s you that’s happening 12″
herbert / never give up 12″
eddie c / wonderful dub ep 12″
am & shawn lee
/ promises are never far 12″
ypy /551 12″
don cherry / hear & now LP
joyce & nana vasconcelos
& mauricio maestro
/ visions of dawn LP
eddie chacon / sundown LP
john carroll kirby
/ septet 2LP
店頭追加 info.です。
used&new LP&12inch計約40枚の追加です。

4/28(金)18:00 open
4/29(土)18:00 open
4/30(日)18:00 open

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